Testimony from Ariel Manninen, Evangelist

Testimony from Ariel Manninen, Evangelist

We praise Jesus for the following testimony from Evangelist Ariel Manninen:

“Dear pastor Marc. I again thank from the bottom of my heart to the Lord about your fervent and powerful prayers for me so that praise reports could have come possible !!! So these are the praise reports. My liver counts have come down from the counts in the blood-tests 10-16-2015 to the counts in new blood-tests 03-16-2016 !!! The most important liver value – P-ALAT – has come down from the count of 109 to the count of 89 in the new blood-tests !!! The normal count is below 50. The liver value – P-ASAT – has come down from the count of 87 to the count of 42 in the new blood-tests !!! The normal count is below 45 so the count of P-ASAT is already normal !!! The liver value – P-AFOS – has come down from the count of 107 to the count of 79 in the new blood-tests !!! The normal count is between 35 – 105 so the count of P-AFOS is already normal !!!
So could you still pray with me so that this most important liver value, P – ALAT, comes also down to the normal count in the next blood-tests which will be taken after a few weeks. But at the moment my doctor is more concerned about this secretion of phlegm and this irritating cough from my respiratory organs and lungs which have lasted already for 3 years. During this month
I am going through all kinds of tests concerning this secretion of phlegm: I was put on a cource of cough capsule to remove this phlegm, blood tests, blowing into a bottle containing water, spirometry (breathing) tests, performing experiments concerning asthma, and again the fourth X-ray during 3 years I have suffered from this persistent ailment. Although the doctors have researched into the causes of this disease for 3 years they have not yet found out the cause of this disease. But I know that my Lord Jesus knows exactly the cause of this persistent disease and ailment and I believe and expect that by our common prayers for me I will at last receive my healing so that the name of the Lord will be glorified!!!

With love and blessings in Jesus Christ
Ariel Manninen, Evangelist”

Thank you for writing to us, Ariel.


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