Jesus Still Heals Today; Did Again Yesterday

Jesus Still Heals Today; Did Again Yesterday

God is so good.  His mercy and loving kindness endures forever (Psalm 136), and when you believe in Him you find that He is still very much around us, pointing out to us people who we need to love on.

Yesterday was no exception.  At the end of the 1pm service at church, the band, being obedient, carried on playing and leading in worship the remaining few that decided that it was more important to love on God than to do anything else.

At the end of the following hour or so, we were all about to leave, and the Holy Spirit with the most precise timing as always, allows myself, my Wife and a good friend, a lady who was obviously having lots of pain walking.  She had a cain, and she was wobbling side to side.  The expression on her face said it all.

Indeed she could have stayed near the doors to the main sanctuary, but she came down the slope to the front row near the altar, knowing full well she would have to make the return trek up the slope to leave the church.

We asked if we could pray for her, and she agreed.   She had spinal and other back issues including implants, and her hips were not aligned.   Out of 10, her pain was the full 10.

We all laid hands, and of course, God not being a respecter of persons, went immediately to begin healing her, just as it says in the Word.  She closed her eyes as she was overcome by the Spirit of God touching her.

After about 10-15 minutes, she began to walk around.  She said the cane would no longer be needed, the pain was gone, and when she walked, the hobble was beginning to disappear.  As she walked, just like the lepers, she was healed further and strength increased in her body, her ankles also being level now too.

What did it cost us?  About 30-45 minutes, laying hands, talking to her, loving on her.  Our friend had a Word from God about her family which blessed her tremendously!

30-45 minutes for us, God did all the healing, and took away 8 years of pain for the lady.   8 years …. 45 minutes….  It’s so simple.   We must invest time for these people, we must not relent.  We must declare the goodness of God upon this earth without delay.   Just believe…. Only believe….

Luke 13:11 (NASB)

11 And there was a woman who for eighteen years had had a sickness caused by a spirit; and she was bent double, and could not straighten up at all. 12 When Jesus saw her, He called her over and said to her, “Woman, you are freed from your sickness.” 13 And He laid His hands on her; and immediately she was made erect again and began glorifying God.


  1. Susuanna Acquah Mrs 5 years ago

    Please I am not feeling well insect are crawling all over my body, expecially my eyes, my ears, and my face somebody did it to me that has made me loss my job please kindly remember me in your prayers so that I can get out of this shameful spiritual sickness thanks.

  2. Pastor Marc 5 years ago

    Hello Susuanna, I speak to all things not of God coming against you: “STOP! Be gone from this woman in the name of Jesus!” I pray the Holy Spirit convicts those who want to do you harm. It is written, “and He Himself bore our sins in His body on the cross, so that we might die to sin and live to righteousness; for by His wounds you were healed.” (1 Peter 2:24) (NASB)

    Susuanna, please also complete a prayer request so I can continue to pray for you. Pastor Marc.

  3. kiran 5 years ago

    dear pastor marc please pray for my brother dinesh he is suffering from als please heal him.and blesshim
    with good health and happiness please please.thank you paster marc

  4. Pastor Marc 5 years ago

    Hello Kiran, thank you for posting. In the name of Jesus, I command life into Dinesh. I tell the ALS to die NOW in his body, and no longer afflict him in the name of Jesus. Brain, and all cells, I tell you to BE HEALED.

    Kiran, please do keep us updated. I will send you an email so you have our prayer email information.

    Pastor Marc

  5. restitutachesco 5 years ago

    Commenti I have been suffering from legs,stomach ,head and every part of my body have more painful I was a prayer but now I can’t pray and everything on my life has sticked I can’t move man of the living I need prayer

  6. maruthupandian 5 years ago

    please pray for my meet problems

  7. grace a barwe 5 years ago

    dear pastor me and my boyfriend we were diagonosed with my boyfriend is ill.please pastor i ask for your prayers so that God can have mercy on us .

  8. Pastor Marc 5 years ago

    Hello Restitutachesco,
    In the name of Jesus I command you to be completely healed. For all pain to go and leave you now. Legs stomach head. Line up with the word of God now in Jesus’ name!

  9. Pastor Marc 5 years ago

    Maruthupandian, please tell me what you mean by meet. Pastor Marc

  10. Pastor Marc 5 years ago

    Hello Grace
    Jesus has bore the hiv in your body and that of your boyfriend. So Jesus has already paid for it all. He has paid for your healing. So in the name of Jesus I say to your bodies…BE HEALED! I crush the infection and stop its power in Jesus’ name

    Please keep me updated.
    Pastor Marc

  11. grace a barwe 5 years ago

    Comment thank you pastor marc i believe in Jesus name we are healed.but one problem am having is my boyfriend his legs are so weak and he is someone who takes time to pray for his legs and for him to believe in God only.

  12. grace 5 years ago

    hello pastor after my prayer request yesterday i feel very weak so tired and i didnt sleep well last night had stomachache.but i know am healed in Jesus christs name amen

  13. gracebarwe 5 years ago

    hello pastor i believe have been healed in Jesus name.but today woke up having a severe headache and bleeding nose.tommorrow also am going to hospital were are blood samples were taken to collect the cd4 count results my boyfriend insist i thought as i believe am healed i wl just ignore everything and move on with a righteous life

  14. dennis 5 years ago

    Please pastor Marc, pray for me to be healed from hepatitis B infection. I’ve believed the lord and received prayers from several men of God yet I’m still suffering. God bless you.

  15. Pastor Marc 5 years ago

    It’s ok Grace. We have faith for his healing. I declare life upon the legs of our boyfriend. Legs be restored in the name of Jesus. Please keep me updated.

  16. Pastor Marc 5 years ago

    Grace I tell the infirmity trying to weaken you to stop now in the name of Jesus. You are strong and mighty in Christ. Please read luke 10v19 and also romans 8v11.

  17. Pastor Marc 5 years ago

    Hello Grace. Any time you are not in divine health it is ok because Jesus has already bore the sickness, headache etc. So you should not be bearing it a second time. So i command a healing and restoration in your body now in the name of Jesus.

  18. Pastor Marc 5 years ago

    Dennis thank you for reaching out. The infection is illegal in your body because Jesus has paid the price and already bore it for you. So in the name that is above all names i command the hepatitis b infection to die and to no longer survive in your body. The Holy Spirit heals following a believer exercising faith. In Jesus’ name your body is whole.

  19. baby 4 years ago

    hello pastor,i am looking forward to get married on February i have not not done any body check ups recently so i need one before this marriage.Please Pastor i need your prayers that GOD will see me through the whole process,starting with the body check up to this marriage.I have not gone for hiv test recently so i will go for it,and i need the hand of God to go with me through the whole process in Jesus name.

  20. grace a barwe 4 years ago

    Comment thank you pastor boyfriend passed away it was spiritual attacks.and now i need help to pray so that i can stay strong in such a hard time i am having.i pray to Jesus Christ that he can comfort me.

  21. Pastor Marc 4 years ago

    Hello, this is Pastor Marc. Please can you send me an email to with your phone #. My Wife who is also a Pastor, and I, will pray for you.

    God Bless,

  22. Pastor Marc 4 years ago

    Hello Grace,

    We were very sorry to hear about your boyfriend. My Wife and I would like to call you to pray for you so you can be strengthened and receive the love of Jesus.

    Please send an email to and let me know your phone number, and we will call you at our cost.

    Pastor Marc

  23. Pauline Fernandes 4 years ago

    Dear Pastor I am suffering from rheumatoid arthritis since 10 to 15 years now i cant walk as my left knee is affected severely and doctor has advised a knee replacement for the same please pastor pray for me as my knee and body pain is increasing day by day and i cant walk, i pray this in jesuse name Amen

  24. Pastor Marc 4 years ago

    Hello Pauline, in the name of Jesus, I take authority over the arthritis in your body, and command it to leave you immediately. It shall never return to you. Infirmities be gone from Pauline in the name of Jesus. Holy Spirit thank you for your love and the life that you are giving to Pauline’s body and soul, all because Jesus paid for it. Pauline you shall walk without pain in the name of Jesus. Please send us a report of how you are now. Marc

  25. Ogunsusi 4 years ago

    Am tested positive for hepatitis B virus please help me to pray for healing from above.

  26. wilfredo sangil 4 years ago

    please pray for my classmate who has cancer. Her name is sol gonzales galeng. likewise , my personal battle with my stomach disease. pls pls pray for us.

  27. Pastor Marc 4 years ago

    Hello Ogunsusi,
    In the name of Jesus Christ our Lord, I command the hepatitis B to be gone from you now. For you to receive the life of Jesus Himself by the Spirit of the Lord. I bind up the infection and the virus in you. Nothing shall by any means injure you! Luke 10:19.
    Please keep in touch,
    Pastor Marc

  28. Pastor Marc 4 years ago

    Hello Wilfredo,
    In the name of Jesus, we speak a complete wholeness for the body of Sol, and we command the cancer to die in her body. Thank you Father for cleansing the stomach and the intestines of Wilfredo.
    Please keep us updated, Wilfredo,
    Pastor Marc


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