Featured Broadcast – The End of Your Addiction

Featured Broadcast – The End of Your Addiction

In the broadcast that you can play back or download below this text, we explain by scripture that there is no such thing as a generational curse, that God has told us in the Old Testament (Ezekiel 18:1-3) to no longer speak of generational curses and how born-again believers have the grace of God — the strength — and the free will to say “no” to any addiction they are in bondage to, once and for all.

We can no longer use the excuse and blame our parents or hereditary on why “I have no choice but to drink, smoke, or watch pornography” as it is our OWN FREE WILL that has the complete ability to say yes or no to these things. The temptation/addiction is NOT stronger than our ability to say “No” to it (1 Cor 10:13), no matter how many times you have come to this conclusion.

The broadcast focuses on God’s willingness to deliver us, but that our free-will has a part to play to WANT to give up our addiction.

I teach this message not only from scripture, but based on my own testimony of being delivered by God of 20 years of alcoholism. God wants to help us out of our sins, not only because he has paid for our sins on our behalf, but because God hates sin, and he knows how much damage it does to us.

Are you ready to surrender your addiction to Jesus today, to allow him to deliver you from it? You take the first step (agree, want to hand over), and God will take the other ten steps for you.

The End of Your Addiction - Give it over to God and be Free! ()

Touch of God, May 28, 2016


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